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Tarzan Updates

Hi! I'll put everything new on this page.

May 18th, 2000 : Hi! Once again, I apologize for taking so long to update. I guess it's starting to begin a habit... Anyway, today I added quite a few new winners of my award. Congratulations to the following sites :

  1. Ivette's Disney Page
  2. Disneygirl's Disney fan site!
  3. Disney's World of Wonders
  4. Lydia's World
  5. Steven's Disney Site
  6. Disney Characters and Stuff

February 18th, 2000 : Hello! I'm so sorry I took forever to update my page. I've been really busy with other things lately. Anyway, school was cancelled today, so I've been updating all day. I added 5 new award winners on my awards page. Congratulations to : The Biggest Disney Coloring Book of the Net, Dean Cain / Superman, Esmeralda's Cathedral, Joleen's Pooh Page for Dylan & Ashlee, & My Disney Page. I also won another award for my page. Thanks to Sweetie's Pad for the great award! =) Two people tried my Tarzan Scramble & I put them on that page. And the last thing I did was add 8 new Tarzan midis to the Tarzan Music page.

September 15th, 1999 : Hi! Sorry I took so long to update. I'll try to do better next time. The main thing I added were some more winners of my award. Here are all the winners added :

  1. CmTigger's Web page
  2. Carlos' Disney Place on the web
  3. Neen's Dizney Den
  4. Sweetie's Pad
  5. Mickey Land

August 19th, 1999 :Howdy! Today I added a link to the Unofficial Sabor Fan Club.

August 9th, 1999 :Hola! I finally updated the poll of the month on my other page & this month it's about Tarzan. Also, congratulations to Tiger for winning my award.

August 3rd, 1999 :Hello! Today I scanned quite a few new pictures. To view them, click here. I also added a new link. Congratulations to JustineEve & Terk for winning my award.

July 30th, 1999 :Howdy! Today I added a Tarzan Sounds page. I also made a new animated banner for My Tarzan Page. I really like it. :) I put it on the main page.

July 28th, 1999 :Hi! I won a new award! Go me! lol :) Thanks to The Gospel Truth. Congratulations to DisneyQueen & The Muses for winning my award. I finally scanned some Tarzan pictures from my new book. To see them, click here.

July 22nd, 1999 :Howdy! Today I added some new clipart. I added one of Jane, 2 of some birds, one of flowers, & one of a little monkey. Congratulations to Tora & Heron for winning my award. Be sure to visit both of their great Tarzan pages. I also won an award & put it on the Awards I've Won page.

July 20th, 1999 :Hello! Today I joined a new webring - the Sabor & Tarzan Web Ring.

July 19th, 1999 :Hi! Today I added an Animation Search website search engine on my page. I also added 2 new links.

July 16th, 1999 : Hello! Congratulations to Elia for winning my award. Be sure to visit her page. :)

July 14th, 1999 : Hi! Today I joined a new webring - the Disney Lovers Web Ring.

July 13th, 1999 : Hola! Today I joined the Animation Search.

July 12th, 1999 : Howdy! Today I added 4 new coloring pages of Sabor.

July 10th, 1999 : Hello! Today I added a new guestbook. I joined the Friends of Disney Alliance. I also made a new Tarzan mailing list. Please join it. :)

July 9th, 1999 : Hi! What's new today? This page is new. lol :) Other than that, I added 5 new clip art pictures; one of a butterfly, one of Clayton & Tarzan, one of Jane, one of Tarzan, and one of Porter & Jane. I added 2 new links. Also, congratulations to TQuanstrom for being the first person to win my award. Be sure to visit his great page. :)

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