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Never Before Seen Tarzan Pictures

Hi! Here are some pictures from Tarzan that you've probably never seen on the web. I scanned all of the pictures that appear on this page including the background. You may put some of the pictures on your web page, but please, please, please link the pictures back to my page. I put my banners on the bottom of this page. Thanks & I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Note : This page may take a while to load if your computer is slow, so be patient. :) Also, all of these pictures are on my GeoCities account 'cause I ran out of room on my Tripod account.

As you've noticed, none of my pictures work. I hate Geocities! They deleted my entire account, so all of the pictures I scanned are gone. =( And stupid me, I deleted them off of our computer because they took up too much room. I'm ready to scream! The few that work are ones I found on other people's pages. If you have any of my pictures on your page, please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks...

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