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Tarzan Award

Hi! So, you want to win an award, huh? Ok :)

Here's a pic of the award you could win :

Tarzan Award

If you win, I'll put your name in place of 'sample.'

Ok, on to the requirements.

1. Your page must be child-safe.
2. Your page must be about Disney, but it doesn't have to have a Tarzan theme.
3. You must put a link back to my page.

Well, that's about it! If I like your site, I'll e-mail you back & tell you where to get award. If you don't get an e-mail back, then that means I didn't really like your site.

Now on to the form! :)

Your home page title :

Your home page address :

Your Name or Nickname :
(Whatever name you want me to put on your award.)

Can you recieve e-mail attachments?

E-mail Address:

Any Comments?

Winners of My Award

July 9, 1999 : Welcome to the Jungle

July 16th, 1999 : Tarzan's Realm

July 22nd, 1999 : Daughter of Tarzan

July 22nd, 1999 : Tarzan: A Tribute to Sabor, the leopard

July 28th, 1999 : The Disney Freak's Web Site

July 28th, 1999 : The Gospel Truth

August 1st, 1999 : Son of Man

August 2nd, 1999 : Terk's Place

August 8th, 1999 : Kala's Jungle

August 19th, 1999 : CmTigger's Web page

September 2nd, 1999 : Carlos' Disney Place on the web

September 7th, 1999 : Neen's Dizney Den

September 7th, 1999 : Sweetie's Pad

September 7th, 1999 : Mickey Land

October 4th, 1999 : The Biggest Disney Coloring Book of the Net

October 29th, 1999: Dean Cain / Superman

November 12th, 1999 : My Disney Page

November 28th, 1999 : Esmeralda's Cathedral

December 21st, 1999 : Joleen's Pooh Page for Dylan & Ashlee

March 6th, 2000 : Disney Characters and Stuff

March 18th, 2000 : Ivette's Disney Page

March 24th, 2000 : Disney's World of Wonders

March 25th, 2000 : Lydia's World

March 26th, 2000 : Steven's Disney Site

April 19th, 2000 : Disneygirl's Disney fan site!

May 27th, 2000 : The Mouse House

May 27th, 2000 : Mommy's Pooh Den!

May 29th, 2000 : Jasmine's Oasis

June 16th, 2000 : The Animated Movies Archive

June 23rd, 2000 : Snow White

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